Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations does my dog need to stay at Funny Faces?

  • Current and Completed Dog Influenza – Dog Flu (Canine Influenza) is on the rise – don’t let your best friend get sick! Dog flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease that spreads easily from dog to dog or is transmitted indirectly through bowls, toys, clothes, or hands of the owner. Unlike human flu, which is seasonal, dog flu can strike all year round. Dogs are at a higher risk when visiting: Dog Parks, Boarding Facilities, Kennels, Doggie Day Cares, Veterinarian Offices, Pet Shows, Sporting Events, and Groomers. Common signs of dog flu are: Fever, Lack of Appetite, Cough, Rapid Breathing, Lethargy. Don’t wait to vaccinate! It takes about four weeks to complete this vaccination. We cannot board your pet until it is completed.
  • Current and Completed Distemper/Parvo
  • Current Rabies
  • Bordetella – We highly recommended you get your pet(s) an Intranasal (through the nose) Vaccine. It must be given within the last 6 months of your booking. If your dog has never had a Bordetella vaccination or it has been one year and six weeks since your dog has last received the vaccination we require it to be completed 30 days prior to your dog(s) stay with us. We understand that this may be an inconvenience but we work hard on limiting the issues this virus can cause in our facility. The vaccine is not 100% guaranteed to stop your dog from getting a mild version of kennel cough.
  • Parainfluenza (Different than Dog Influenza) Speak to your veterinarian about whether your pet(s) is receiving a vaccine to prevent Parainfluenza. We strongly recommend vaccinating your pet(s) for Parainfluenza.
  • All vaccines MUST be completed by a veterinarian.


What vaccinations does my cat need to stay at Funny Faces?

  • Current Rabies
  • Current Leukemia Vaccine AND proof of Negative Leukemia test
  • Current and Completed FVRCP/HCP
  • All vaccines MUST be completed by a veterinarian.

Do I need a reservation?

  • You must have a reservation. This is for the saftey of all the animals and to guarantee that all animals are vaccinated properly.

Are there breeds you won’t accept?

  • NO – As long as it’s safe for our staff to handle your animal, then there is no problem.

What should I bring for my pets?

  • Bring your pet’s food!  It is very important not to change your pet’s diet while they are away from home.  Bring enough for the entire stay, plus some extra. Note: Your pet’s appetite will be different while they board with us, some may eat more and some may eat less.  Regardless, having their own food will help them to eat.
  • Medications
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Crates
  • You can bring anything you want that makes your pet happy!

Does my dog get to go outside and play?

  • We let the dogs out five times a day into our 25 play yards. We like to find play groups for the dogs. If we deem it safe for all the pets then we’ll find friends for your dog to play with. This is not always the case for all the dogs. It’s dependent on who we have in the kennel on that specific day and if your dog is social.

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