Pet Boarding & Daycare

Drop off:  9am – 3:30pm, Pick up:  9am – 12pm (no add’l charge), 12pm – 5pm (half day charge)

Dog Rates:

$50/Night – One Dog

$98/Night – Two Dogs

$146/Night – Three Dogs

We offer a 10% active military discount.

Daycare is $6 an hour per dog.


  • Your pet(s) get their own inside space. Runs are selected according to pet(s) size.
  • Feeding your pet(s) twice a day.
  • Dogs are let out to exercise five times a day. The time outside is dependent on the weather. The nicer it is outside the longer they get to play. Animals are ALWAYS supervised when outside. The yards are half sun half shade.
  • Playing and socialization with other dogs of the same size and temperament. We never force play groups, if there are no friends compatible with your dog, he/she will go out alone and get some extra human interaction.


The Dog Kennel

The kennel is just like a hotel. We have 62 indoor dog runs and 25 outside exercise yards. Your dog gets his/her own individual run inside the kennel. The kennel has central heating, air conditioning and ceiling fans. If you have multiple dogs you are boarding, we have plenty of space to board them together as our runs are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Family dogs boarding together MUST be able to eat side by side with no prior problems.

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Cat Rates:

$35 / Night – One Cat

We offer a 10% active military discount.

Daycare is $6 an hour per cat.

Cat Provisions

For the cats, we have multi-level cages. To make your cat’s stay a happy one, Funny Faces asks you to bring the food your cat normally eats at home. You are also welcome to bring beds, blankets and toys. Funny Faces will provide litter boxes, litter, and feeding and water bowls.

We have an enclosed larger cat room where we let the cats out (individually) during the day for them to play and stretch out.

Special Needs Provided

Is your companion on pill medication?  Not a problem!  We can administer pill medication to your pet.

Funny Faces Bed & Biscuit

1495 Glendale Ave.

Hanford, CA  93230

Phone:  (559) 582-8888

Fax:  (559) 583-1555


Hours:  Monday - Sunday from 9am to 5pm

Tours of facility available daily.